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Requirements tracking built to help agile teams design faster

Get to market 35% faster with cross-functional collaboration across systems engineering & design teams
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Built by engineers from Aerospace, Automotive and F1
Our team is built on a foundation of engineers that have felt the pain directly in companies from across the industry, from Formula 1 to Aerospace to Renewables.
Funded by the Leaders of Climate Tech & Hardware
Flow is funded by a combination of those passionate about the new golden age of hardware, and those from companies championing collaboration in other industries.

Empower every engineer to think like a systems engineer

Easy to use

Capture, share and assign requirements

  • Single source of truth

    Break the silos between systems engineering and design. Keep the entire engineering team aligned with up to date requirement verification statuses that everyone can access.

  • Escape administrative complexity

    Collaborate, discuss and automate manual V&V work. Fully flexible and customizable in order to adapt to your existing workflow.

  • No training required. Period.

    Fast and lightweight UI. Built as the easy to use and intuitive alternative to clunky enterprise software. Bring your team in without weeks of onboarding.

Tom Burns approved a change to a requirement

The torsional rigidity shall be at least 27,000 Nm/deg

Hector White verified
REQ-101Total Mass
by linking CAD data
Hallie Serrano created v3 of
Deflection Calcs.xlsDeflection Calcs.xls
Tiffany Gonzales assigned Paul Smith as the owner of a requirement
Tom Burnsadded a comment

Can we revise the test spec @Peter to include tensile testing of a material sample to help with final sign-off?


Seamlessly link requirements to design tools

  • Live status of your verification

    Track the status of your current requirements through integrations to design and test data and updates to offer real-time verification on demand.

  • Seamless integrations and REST API

    Flow allows you to seamlessly pull data from the key design tools your teams use every day including CAD, Simulation, Spreadsheets, Python, and Matlab.

  • Team notifications on requirements progress

    Stay up to date on the latest requirements status with change notifications, update discussions, and progress history to never miss a beat.

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Traceability from design to release

  • Powerful views & dashboards

    Ultimate control panel for your requirements. Make sense of the big picture and move seamlessly down to component-level MBSE views and tiny detail spec changes.

  • Catch design misses earlier

    Baseline your project at each stage gate to track your forward progress for each design review without needing to hunt down numbers from engineers. Understand why requirements exist and where the come from.

  • Extend traceability to include design models

    Auditable system of records that tracks change history (what changed, who changed it, and why) ensuring absolute traceability, compliance and peace of mind.

RequirementTotal massTest DataBuckling testresults.csvModelMain shaft CAD modelSiemens NXValueCentre of gravity[100, 250, 14]RequirementSupport massModelBearing assembly CADOnshapeModelFatigue calcsmatlab.mSimulationVibration frequencyAnsysRequirementSub-frame mass

Get your product to market 35%* faster

Faster design cycles
Manage multiple configurations and keep the team on the same page with a requirements platform that offers clarity, insights and peace of mind.
Discover conflicts immediately
Don't wait until its too late to discover today's mistakes. Flow keeps your team aligned with the latest requirements to prevent surprises.
ITAR, EAR and SOC2 compliant
Breeze through regulation and compliance. Strict access controls and compliance documentation with GovCloud and private cloud options available.

Lightweight but powerful

Replace the hassle of manually updating spreadsheets or using cumbersome enterprise tools by upgrading your workflow with collaborative requirements management that's always up to date, for everyone.
Agile and scalable
Built for waterfall
IBM Doors
ITAR Compliance
Continuous Verification
Baselines, config, history
Accessibility & Collaboration
Fast, Flexible & Easy
Onboarding Time
Instant access & 14 days Full Implementation
63 Days onboarding plan
Extended Multi-month
Implementation & Training
Matlab, Python, PLM Simulation, Excel
Ansys, Matlab, some PLM
Approx Cost (6 Editors)
Built for cross-functional teams

Go faster without compromising regulatory compliance

System Engineers
Chief Engineers
Technical Engineers

In Control Systems Engineers

Spend less time chasing down requirements updates from your engineers and spend more time optimizing your system to build better products.

  • Save dozens of hours for each design review
  • Automated verification from your team & tools
  • Identify problems before it's too late
In Control Systems Engineers

Bring clarity and alignment to your messy workflow

without flow

Fast, Safe, Organic Deployment

So Intuitive Engineers Actually Enjoy Using It
So Intuitive Engineers Actually Enjoy Using It
Traditional Requirements tools grind engineering to a halt. Flow is the easy to use alternative to clunky enterprise software where state of the art interface meets seamless asynchronous communication that keep work flowing.
Flexible to Match Your Existing Process
Flexible to Match Your Existing Process
Designed to accommodate your agile team's needs with various configuration options and custom fields. Flow is streamlining your workflow, not replacing it.
No Onboarding or Training Required
No Onboarding or Training Required
Don't wait until the next failed stage gate review to implement Flow. Fully onboard your organization in 2 weeks. It's so easy to use we’ve never done a training session. Get started in minutes — evolve as you go

Agile requirements platform for fast-moving teams

Flow is the agile requirements management solution that’s lightweight enough to speed up your workflows, and rigorous enough to never worry about compliance and traceability again.

Catch design misses now and not 90 days from now. Flow helps prevent costly mistakes and get your products to market faster.

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