First Resonance

Easily connect First Resonance ION Factory Operating System with Flow to simplify your product development.

Link design details directly to component-level requirements, effortlessly track progress, and receive instant feedback from simulations to optimize performance.

Effortlessly keep tabs on and confirm important needs at each manufacturing stage. Get instant feedback from simulations to help you make informed decisions.

Powering the planet's fastest-moving hardware teams

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Funded by the Leaders of Climate Tech & Hardware
Flow is funded by a combination of those passionate about the new golden age of hardware, and those from companies championing collaboration in other industries.
Built by engineers from Aerospace, Automotive and F1
Our team is built on a foundation of engineers that have felt the pain directly in companies from across the industry, from Formula 1 to Aerospace to Renewables.

Agile requirements platform for fast-moving teams

Flow is the agile requirements management solution that’s lightweight enough to speed up your workflows, and rigorous enough to never worry about compliance and traceability again.

Catch design misses now and not 90 days from now. Flow helps prevent costly mistakes and get your products to market faster.

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Providing new-age engineering companies with a requirements tool that is built specifically for their needs and allows them to focus on engineering ground breaking products.